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SSRS Helper Function for Open Report in new window

In SSRS you can define “URL-Actions” for nearly every reportitem (textbox,tablecell..). You Can use this to navigate to another (drilldown) report. BUT URLs DO NOT OPEN BY DEFAULT IN NEW WINDOW AND URL-format for SSRS in native mode is different then in integrated mode. This Helper-function solves both problems:


1. Put this code in report.code:

public function OpenRepURL(byVal mode as string, byVal reportname as string, byVal rp as string) as string
dim outURL as string
dim rv as string
dim rs as string

outURL = System.Uri.EscapeDataString(Report.Globals!ReportFolder & "/"&reportname ).ToString

Case "native"
  rv = "&rc:Toolbar=false&ParamMode=Hidden"
  rs = "&rs:Command=Render"
  rp = "&" & rp

OpenRepURL = Report.Globals!ReportServerUrl & "/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?" & outURL & rv & rs &  rp

Case "integrated"
  rv = "&rv:ToolBar=None&HeaderArea=None&rv:ParamMode=Hidden"
  rs = "&rs:Command=Render"
  rp = "&" & rp
OpenRepURL ="hallo"

End Select

OpenRepURL = "javascript:void(‚" & OpenRepURL & "‘,’_blank‘,’toolbar=no,menubar=no,status=yes,location=no,width=1200,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes‘),false,false)"

End Function


2. Use this expression in textfield.actions or tablecell.actions:

=Code.OpenRepURL("native","MyDrilldownReport.rdl", "pAlertID="&Fields!AlertID.Value)

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